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Trim Traveling Tips: How to keep your Bali Beach Body

February 21, 2016

Halo dan perjalanan sehat untuk Anda!
(Indonesian for: Hello and Healthy Travels to you!),

When I decided to undertake this career break and travel the world one of my vows to myself was to also remain fit and healthy whilst traveling. My reasoning for this is:

  • Firstly, I did not want to lose my motivation, fitness level and strength that I had built up at home through my daily routine of yoga, running, hiking, cycling and weights.
  • Secondly, I did not want to fall into the pitfall of traveling and instead of exercising my entire body, only exercise my mouth by consuming all the delicious food that one encounters when traveling and testing out the local cuisines.
  • Thirdly, my aim/purpose during my travels is to continue to be a role model to encourage and inspire each and everyone of you to show you that remaining fit and healthy during traveling is more than possible…it is essential. Best of all so easy, fun and a great way to explore your local surroundings.

Ensuring that you maintain regular exercise in your daily routine can be a challenge in itself at times. During traveling it can seem nearly impossible if you don’t go in it with the right attitude thinking that the kink in your normal routine can’t be overcome easily when each day of your travels is so diverse and at times you don’t know what to expect (but this in itself is the excitement that comes with traveling).

You no longer have the comfort of a gym at your disposable which can seem daunting at first, but this is where the fun comes in as this makes you open your eyes and mind to other possibilities, to use your local surroundings to your advantantage.

Bali has been my first destination to begin my travel plans and I have fallen in love with this place offering an assortment of different activities. You can easily choose from a varied assortment whilst taking advantage of the beautiful nature and warm weather prompting you to just get out there and keep on moving.

Below I have shared with you the various activities and places that I was able to enjoy and help me keep in shape in Bali, while at the same time I was able to enjoy all the marvelous food offered in Bali (see my blog for my ‘Healthy Vegan Heaven’ Blog).


  1. Campuhan Ridge Hill is located just off Jl Raya Ubud. Admittedly it can be a bit tricky to locate this beautful serene walk so do not be deterred. Campuhan Ridge HillThe best way to locate the start of this walk is if you are standing in front of Ubud Palace on Jl. Raya Ubud walk to the right hand side for approximately 5 minutes. You will hit a slight downward slope with hanging vines and continue walking for another 5 minutes. Soon you will come to a bridge that crosses over to Penestanan. DO NOT cross this bridge, but rather go down a set of stone steps before the bridge and you will walk through a school towards trees. Once you hit the trees you will see another small set of stairs on your left hand side, walk down these and this will take you onto the course of a beautiful path.Campuhan Ridge Hill MapMost mornings during my time in Ubud I loved running from my hostel to Campuhan Ridge Hill just at the crack of dawn. I was able to see all of the local Balinese people getting ready for work and the morning Ubud fruit markets starting up.When I reached Campuhan Ridge Hill I was able to escape the hustle Campuhan Ridge Hilland bustle of Ubud and reconnect with nature getting lost in the rice paddies and watching the locals in the fields. The best thing that I found about this path was that there was a slight
    incline which provided me good training to keep up my hill training (perfect for toning the legs and bottom).

2. Rice Fields and Terraces can be found nearly everywhere you go wihin Bali and I still do not get tired of them. It is so peaceful to explore these and each one will take you on a different path ready to be discovered.

Rice Fields in UbudWhile I was staying in Ubud I decided to go for a walk with a friend through these rice fields and back to Ubud main centre. This took us approximately 2.5 hours altogether, and of course an be done in a shorter time if you decided to throw in a jog.

Similar to Campuhan Rige Hill this can be slightly tricky to find. However, similar to Campuhan Rice Fields in UbudRidge Hill from the Ubud Palace walk towards your right hand side for 5 minutes. Before you go through the downward slope with the dangling vines you will see on your right hand side these
the below signs. Once you see these signs you will need to go up the slope IMG_2703~2and walk through a small walk way on the left hand side which will take you to the path of the rice fields. Once you find these you will be immersed by the greenery that surrounds you. 

3. Tengungan Waterfall is located at Kemenuh, Sukawati, Kec. Gianyar, Bali, which is approximately 15 minutes drive from Ubud Centre.

Tegengunan Waterfall MAP

This is a great spot if you are looking for a place not too far out of the city centre to cool down and have a swim. It costs RP 10,000 to enter but is well Tegegunan Waterfallworth it to soak in the natural lavish surroundings with a heavy water flow.

The walk up and down to the waterfall will take you approximately 10 minutes (perfect way to build up a sweat before dipping yourself into the colling waterfall). This is a great place to relax as it is not completely well known, therefore, reducing the amount of tourists surrounding the area allowing you more time to swim and sunbake in peace.

Yoga at Tegenungan Waterfall

4. Sugar Villas is located at Petulu, Ubud, Gianyar and is approximately 10 minutes drive from the city centre.
Sugar Villas MapYou do not have to be a resident of these villas as he salt pool is available to the public for use at the cost of RP 20,000 for the entire use of your time that day.

Sugar Villas Salt PoolI was introduced to this pool by a friend and this is such a hidden treasure and definetely what the doctor ordered on a hot 35 degree day.

As this is located just outside of the main centre of Ubud it is not overcrowded by other tourists leaving it as your own oasis to do some laps in, splash around or just sunbake on the sunbeds provided.

5. Radiantly Alive Yoga Studio is located at Jl Jambawan no. 3 Padang Tegal Kaja (opposite Bali Buddha), which coincidently is the local breakfast joint for many of those that have just participated in a Radiantly Alive Yoga Class.

Radiantly Alive Yoga Studio MapI personally chose to undertake my yoga practice at Radiantly Alive instead of the other yoga studios in Ubud uch as Yoga Barn and Intuitive Flow due to a few key factors – Radiantly Alive was located clos to my Hostel (can’t beat a minute walk), recommendations from my friends, smaller yoga classes, a great schedule offering different yoga styles, and studio was also founded by Daniel Aaron, a well-known yoga teacher, writer and Human Potential Coach.

This Yoga Shala is very unique and gorgeous as it has a touch of luxury but still encapsultating the culture, authenticity and tradition of Bali.
Radiantly Alive Yoga StudioEach month the yoga classes are created around a powerful theme, and during the month of February this was about time and your relationship to time. I found this very useful myself as it kept me connected to the practice on the mat and completely inspired through the philosophies and teachings throughout the rest of the day.
Radiantly Alive has come a long way from when it was opened in 2012, now in addition to running daily yoga classes, they host yoga teacher training, workshops, special events, webinars, podcasts, holistic therapies, coaching, and counselling.

6. I had the pleasure of being invited to a Complementaty Yoga session run by a Russian Yoga Teacher in the beautiful nature just outside of Ubud.
Yoga in nature outside of Ubud
This was a small yoga class by invitation only consisting mainly of Russian yoga students whereby we practiced with the sun shining down on our faces, the river passing us below and the sounds of the birds chirping above us. It was absolute bliss re-connecting to nature.

The utmost memorable part of this experience was after the 90 minute yoga session we all sat together and shared fruit whilst we talked about life. The community feel was so warm and inviting and I felt so blessed to have the opportunity to be apart of this.

So if you happen to visit Ubud and meet any local Russians (large Russian community visit Bali Dacha, an establishment that contains a sauna, pool and russian buffet) they may be able to point you in the right direction on receiving an invitation to this wonderful Yoga experience.


Gili Air is part of the Gili Islands and the closest to Lombok. I personally chose this island for myself to stay at for 3 days because it was the happy medium between Gili Trawangan (larger party scene and more established) and the smaller Gili Meno (super remote island).

Gili Air sounded like the perfect beach side escape for a few days with the white sand, crystal clear water,  and remote island allowing me to disconnect and enjoy the simple life.

1.Sunrise Run/Sunset Walk around Gili Air is breathtakingly beautiful at both spectrums of the day. It is absolutely magical and you can just sit there for hours looking at the different changes in the colour of the sky and clouds above.
Sunrise Run at Gili Air
One of my favourite aspects about Gili Air is that there are no motorised vehicles allowed on the island and rather the only transport is through a pony and cart. Alternatively, you can take the fitness route like I did and either walk or run around the island.

The circumference of the island is less than 5km which made this the perfect route to do my morning laps around the island breathing in the fresh air and the start of a new morning. One lap can be completed in just less than 30 minutes of running or 90 minutes of walking.

Sunset Walk at Gili Air

2. Snorkelling around the Gili Islands was an incredible experience, whereby I was able to arrange this for the cost of RP 100,000 for a 5 hour trip. The trip consisted of stopping at 5 different snorkelling spots around the different Gili Islands as well as stopping for lunch at Gili Meno.Gili Air Snorkelling

Despite living in Australia my entire life I have never been snorkelling until my time at Gili Air as I knew this was a must do (might have something to do with the water temperature being divine so you do not feel like you are jumping into a bucket of freezing cold water).

It was a completely different experience and world to be apart of as I dipped my head under the water and looked at the marine life below. The colourful fish swimming harmoniously together, the gigantic turtles passing by, and the stunning coral reefs…all co-existing together in their natural habitat.


  1. Beach Run/Walk along the vast continous stretch from Berawa passing along Echo Beach, Pererenan Beach, and Nelayan Echo BeachBeach will allow you to get lost within the black sand and the crashing waves.Each beach will provide you with a different atmosphere and setting as well. The great contrast from Echo Beach being highly dominated by surfers and tourists lounging in their beach huts. Continuing onto Pererenan Beach and Neleyan Beach whereby, the area will become more deserted providing a hideaway to just get lost in your own thoughts for your walking/running meditation.I personally found for myself, and I am sure that many of you would agree, that being near ther seaside is soothing for the soul and revitalising. I was continously drawn to morning runs and mid afternoon walks along these beaches, not only for the changing scenery but also the added benefit that running along the beach added to my personal physique.Back at home I was actively running either on the road or trail running, however, sand running pushes you that extra step allowing me to get stronger and fitter. Running on the sand is amazing, especially in bare feet. The sand provides you with a softer surface so that your lower body does not receive as much shock and stress. The unstable surface of the sand makes your smaller muscles that are not normally engaged work harder to stablise your lower body and therefore strengthening these weak links. Walkihg/running in the sand increases your resistance training, your mental awareness due to the unstable surface, and of course ensures that you burn more calories then road running as a result of using more energy.

2. Samadi Bali Yoga Studio is located at Jl. Padang Linjong no. 39, Echo Beach, Canguu. This establishement had a great vibe of overall wellness and health being most well known for their Samadi Yoga MapAshtanga yoga classes with a drop in class being RP 130,000.

During my many years of yoga training I have mainly only dabbled in hatha yoga, yin yoga, bikram yoga, but primarily focusing upon Vinyasa Flow Yoga (my personal favourite is in a 30 degree heated room…yes I am slighttly nuts). As many people, do I was caught up in what I loved and what I knew not wishing to branch out and try something different.

However, as I had learnt that Samadi Yoga was famous for their Ashtanga Yoga I chose to Samadi Yogaundertake one of their Ashtanga classes and was pleasantly suprised by the strong and athletic practice that I experienced for the 90 minutes of the class leaving me feeling emnergised, empowered and calm.

Although this was a slower practice then what I am normally use to, Ashtanga Yoga is a highly dynamic and strengthening practice normally utilising 5 breaths per pose (which can feel like an eternity) before moving through a chataranga leading to a new pose.

Not only is Samadi Bali renowned for its yoga shala, it also encompasses accomodation so that you are continously surrounded by the yogi lifestyle. Samadi Bali also hosts a Market on Sundays, has an amazing cafe, wonderful array of various events, workshops, and retreats.


On my second day to Bali I had the pleasure of being taken on a private tour through the Lemukih Rice Fields and seven wonderous Sekumpul Waterfalls located at Sawan, Lemukih, , Kec. Bueleng, Kabupaaten, Buleleng.Lumikah Rice Fields

If you are more adventur\ous and up for a bit of a challenge I would highly recommend organising a day trip through either a tour group or a private taxi and tour. This area is located only approximately 1.5 hours drive north from Ubud and was one of the highlights of my time spent within Bali.

The absolute beauty of this area is that it not entirely known and harder to access leaving it more untouched and enhancing it’s natural allure.

The trek through the rice fields was an amazing adventure in itself being surrounded by the lush greenery and winding your way through the many hiddens troughs and slippery dips of the changing terrain ensuring that you were always alert (never fun falling through one of the cracks Coconut Loveand ending up covered in rice water). After the 2 hour trek through the rice fields I was taken to a small wooden hut in the middle of the rice fields and presented with a freshly picked young coconut to rehydrate after walking in the 30 degrees heat.

Afterwards, we made our way through the rest of the rice fields and headedSekumpul Waterrfalls down the slippery steps to the most breathtaking set of waterfalls. Winding our way through the slippery rocks and swirls of water we were able to get up close to what mother nature has created so

If you feel up for the challenge you will never regret visiting these seven waterfalls as I remember standing there underneath each waterfall just breahting in the clean air and letting the spray of the waterfall fall onto my face and body…so cleansing and intoxicating.

Parting note…for now

Remember that it is important to just get up and moving each and every day when you are traveling. It can be so easy to just get in the habit of taking transport everywhere you go for fear of getting lost.

I found that one of the best ways to explore a new destination is on foot and if you get lost who cares?! My favourite times and hidden places found when traveling was when I was lost and taking my time instead of rushing from one place to another. Remember it is the journey that matters, not the destination.

Find those activities and places that interest you on your travels will fill you with lasting memories. You will be able to look back on for many years to come with a huge grin on your face, whether it be taking a hike, going for a morning run, yoga, cycling, beach walk swimming in the ocean, or tossing a frisbee on the beach.

During your travels you are the master of your own time and have control over your own actions. So be kind to yourself and do this with mindfulness of how it affects your present body and also yourself later. I always find that by staying active my mind is engaged to continue my day and the next with a healthier and more focused mindset.

Please feel free to leave any comments or write to me at if you have any questions.

With much love,











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