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I found ‘Wayan’ for my “Eat Pray Love” traditional Balinese Healing Body Reading

February 12, 2016

I have to admit that “Eat Pray Love” is my favourite book/movie and I am sure a lot of travellers out there would agree with me here. Although, this was not my soul inspiration to travel solo, however, when I first saw this movie and read the book something about it was so powerful that is resonated within me, that whenever I watched this movie I always had this strong urge to just get up and book the first flight to see the unknown. I felt the need to explore myself on a more personal and in depth level that could not always be found at home. This is where traveling with a purpose in mind is now my vessel to do so, to discover and find my path for this and my next phase of life.

As you all know I have only begun my solo backpacking travels at the start of this month (you can read my blog on this here)  and let me tell you this if you have just thought about this for yourself but haven’t taken the leap of faith, all I can say is JUST DO IT! It is the most amazing and liberating feeling you will get each and everyday.

My first destination for this solo trip was Ubud, Bali which I have never travelled to before. When I first decided to undertake this opportunity travel Ubud was the first place that came to me as if it was calling me. Partially because I heard what an amazing place this was from friends that have traveled here before (especially for the amazing vegan, healthy food – yes I will write about this soon), but more so because I could feel that this was a healing place with a magnetic energy that was drawing me to it. So how could I resist such a pull. Instead I booked a one way ticket to Bali as a way to ensure I stayed committed to this plan to travel solo… and the rest would work itself out.

Over the years I have become more and more passionate and curious about complementary medicines and various healing types within the world. I find that for my own body that these have worked better, both in the short and long term, then traditional medicine prescribed by local GPs.

In saying this one of my main ‘tick the box’ items whilst in Ubud was to visit Wayan Nuriasih who was the woman healer in “Eat Pray Love” to Elizabeth Gilbert and owns a traditional Balinese Healing Center just off JL. Raya Ubud on Jl. Jembawan (2 doors down from Radiantly Alive Yoga Studio). Her center is very humble and you would almost miss it if you were in your own little world walking by as there is only a faded sign above and the below information outside that at first I was skeptical about as to if she was the right ‘Wayan’ until a few of my friends that I met in Ubud assured me she was the real deal.

Wayan Traditional Balinese Healer

After I discovered that this was indeed the correct person I was seeking I went out to try to book an appointment with her, but me and my silly westernized upbringing of being able to schedule in appointments was given a bit of a shock when I found out that she operated on very unpredictable times and was very busy being sought for her healing by other travelers and locals alike. After being advised that she was busy twice and to come back another day to see if she potentially had a space available for me to slip in I got lucky one morning at 10am that I made sure that I was available for this appointment (I found out that between the times of 9am to 10am is the optimum time to get your initial body reading).

Wayan offers numerous treatments leading on from your first initial body reading whereby she is able to tap in to see each and everyone’s individual myriad of ailments and fascinatingly enough she is accurately able to diagnose these. I read quite a few testimonials of people that she has cured and these ranged from stomach disorders, aura cleansing, cancer, and insomnia, to name a few.

For myself I decided to see Wayan, not because I have any particular illness, just more out mere curiosity and fascination as to how a Balinese healer operates, to tap intuitively into your energy so that she is able to see what is happening from within…and for $400k RP (equivalent to AUD $42) this seemed like a bargain!

At the start of the session I was asked to complete my name, birth date, and the city in which I was born as well as pick 2 items I wanted Wayan to tell me about my future…I chose life line and married line (yes seems very typical, but also quite essential parts of my future life so why not explore these).

From the herbal/treatment cabinet Wayan’s assistant put both mint oil (to relieve any potential Herbal/Treatment Cabinetheadaches) and bokashi oil (to enhance blood circulation) on my face, hands, arms, and legs. I have to say that both of these had very soothing aromas so I was already in a very relaxed state by the time Wayan was ready.

Wayan first began the session by praying to the gods using incense and the Balinese flower offerings using my name and my birth date in this chant so that she was able to tap into my energy and my body. Once Wayan had finished praying, just from looking at me she already could diagnose straight away that I had stomach issues at times. I couldn’t believe how spot on she was, especially at that point seeing as I had food poisoning, which unfortunately one of my poor friends had to witness as I threw up on the side of the road the day beforehand.

Through the session Wayan examined my hands and my legs predominantly through just looking at them, applying pressure on certain points and even rubbing the flowers that were used in the prayer on certain parts. She was able to tell me about my various conditions (non life threatening) that I was aware that I experienced already in the past such as poor blood circulation (no matter what I do my hands and feet always feel like they just came out of an ice bucket), I am lacking vitamin E, lacking calcium, to name a few and was able to provide me suggested treatments to all of these either through further work with her, but also how I could concentrate on rectifying these myself.

It then came to the part where she would explore my future mainly through palm reading and although she couldn’t tell me an exact age she did tell me that I had a long and healthy life to live (always good news to hear that you aren’t going to drop dead the next day). Wayan then explored my past job/career patterns which was quite spot on to say the least. It might be typical Gen Y pattern but yes I admit that I have fallen into that habit in majority of my past jobs, especially during University, of swapping jobs so frequently that my friends nicknamed me ‘job whore’. These of course were not the high flying jobs, but majority of the time I was working 2-3 hospitality jobs at a time during university (yes poor uni student times).  Following on during my full-time working life there were periods  when I would also work a part time job during the weekend (I swear I am noit a workaholic). Wayan could see this completely through examining my hands and energy that this was my past working history, however did assure me that in the future I would have more luck in my career with a more set intention and purpose that would make me very successful and prosperous (fingers crossed).

Although the first part of the session was quite intriguing as to how she could see this accurately without asking me questions I found the second part of the session in regards to her analysis of my Marraige line the most unique in style and scarily accurate as well. For approximately 15 minutes she was examining the outer left hand side of my left hand whilst scribbling down various amount of years, months, and ages that I couldn’t wait to hear where this was leading.

After Wayan had finished examining my hand she asked me if I remembered how many partners I had in the past which I can succinctly remember being less then 2 hands worth. She then asked asked me to say roughly how long the first was for which correlated straight to the amount of years that she had written on the piece of paper along with the age that I was. It continued in this same succession from my first to last partner that I was with and each time period that I was with each person accurately matched the time period and age that she had seen and written down just through examining my hand. She then wrote down my future potential marriage ages with the number of happily married years this would lead to.

Although I did not continue ahead with any further treatments with Wayan due to my limited time remaining in Ubud to complete these to their entirety and benefit from them completely, my initial experience with Wayan was truly compelling. There are numerous Healers in Bali, and Ubud especially, and similar to any other service or product out there I would suggest to do your research into each and everyone of them ranging from tripadvisor reviews or reviews from locals to point you in the right direction. I personally would recommend Wayan from my own experience, however, if you do decide to see her or any other healer go in with an open mind and heart to trust in the healing process itself and just enjoy it for what it is at that present moment.

With much Love,




  • Dr. Melanie

    August 11, 2018 at 6:02 am

    Very interesting! I just blogged about my recent experience with Wayan in March of this year ( and yes! she examined my left (pinky side) of my fist too! She was scary accurate with her loveline mapping! Did you ever make a return visit to Ubud to see her again? Thanks for sharing your experience

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