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Adzuki Bean, Coconut, Maca, and Sesame Seed Bliss Balls

November 25, 2015

Bliss balls are all the rage these days either for an on-the-go breakfast, for pre or post workout, a small snack to keep you going, or even as a dessert.

I have to admit that I have jumped on this bandwagon quite a while ago. Firstly, by trying out the various ones sold in cafes and supermarkets, then upping the ante to testing those sold in the health food stores, which have a more substantial mix of ingredients designed for a more nutritious snack (and sometimes can actual meal with the mammoth size that some are created at)…and now just enjoy coming up with the most random creations to see how they turn out. This is just simply because I can, and have now learnt how to balance the flavours accordingly for the right mixture of ingredients to provide optimal taste and nutrition in each bliss ball created.

When I start creating a new bliss ball, or any other form of recipe, it is important to set my positive intention for what purpose it will serve my body so that it is well nourished. Is the purpose to create a bliss ball that will be used more for an after gym snack such as my Goji Berry, Banana, Almond, and Cacao Oats Groats Bliss Ball, or will it be more or a nutritious, but sneaky dessert such as my Nutella Bliss Balls Covered with Nutella Chocolate.  For this particular recipe I have used my Adzuki Bean Paste (because it is so damn tasty) and created my Adzuki Bean, Coconut, Maca, and Sesame Seed Bliss Ball. I personally love this just as a snack or dessert, since my association to Adzuki Bean is more in the context of dessert from when I was growing up.

When I step into my kitchen and put on my apron (yes I have an apron, like a 1950s stepford wife, cute and also protects you from all the mess that can go on in there), I go in with a positive intention, clarity in my mind and a sense of calmness as I find that it is essential to evaluate your state of mind and emotional process prior to assembling any item/meal. Cooking is an expression of love and devotion to creating a masterpiece that will nourish your body and those that you are preparing this for.

Some people may start preparing a meal with a sense of drudgery and rush around the kitchen to quickly whip up a meal that they will devour in front of the TV. As their eyes are completely glued to the TV, they do not even chew their food at times, and soon enough they have inhaled this mixture of ingredients without even tasting it properly and still feel unsatisfied. They then grab for the bag of chips, chocolate bar, or tub of ice cream (again still in front of the TV) which still leaves them unsatiated and normally in a food coma. This is because they did not take the time to first prepare their meal with consciousness of the ingredients going into that meal and did not stop to appreciate and taste what was being put into their mouths initially.

I once use to be one of these people and looking back now I shudder at this thought. I am aware that I had developed such a bad habit in the past, which affected the compatibility of ingredients and their digestibility going through my body. However, this disastrous effect extended further into other parts of my life. I recognise now that through preparing and eating my meals with no positive intention and the only purpose was to feed myself just for pure survival, that this was a reflection of how I rushed through life. I still enjoyed my life with great friends, family and a career in the corporate world, but I was not fully taking in what was happening around me. I felt like a mouse in a maze, constantly thinking and moving towards the next activity, strategically thinking how I would reach this end goal that I was so focused on, but feeling as if I was constantly coming up to a barrier with my end goal out of reach without a clear path on how to get there.

I now perceive cooking as a culinary art, that is not just about making a meal to be devoured to satisfy my immediate hunger. It is process that can be used as a meditative/contemplative act. A time that you put aside deliberately which you can learn from. When you choose your ingredients with consciousness, this is the first step of starting this action with a positive intention and purpose. Cooking is about self expression and personal growth as it involves deep concentration which can bring about insight into how you go about each action. When one creates a meal from the very start with love and attention, the food and it’s nutrients will be absorbed into the body and you will not be left unsatiated reaching for that next chocolate bar, you will consume this meal with joy and feel content because you are providing your body, mind and soul with ingredients that further cultivate a new vision for your life.

Ever since I changed my mindset in regards to what is important in my own life, my values and also how I see the world, my energy has shifted to a more welcoming presence. This has brought into my life new friends that are aligned with my beliefs and values, new opportunities have come my way and are constantly opening up to me, and I am becoming more grateful and appreciative of the small things in life and the unique moments each day. As through being surrounded by loving and supportive family and friends, embracing the experiences in your life, having your positive intention set, this is how you develop and we will arrive at the big picture.

Now as you gather the ingredients to make my Adzuki Bean, Coconut, Maca and Sesame Seed Bliss Balls ask yourself:

Why am I doing this task? How do I feel at this moment in my body, my mind, and my emotions? Am I enjoying this?

This will be the start in creating a habit of food preparation centred around positive intentions and contemplative actions which will be reflected within your food as well as your life, potentially leaving a lasting transformative experience.


This recipe makes 10 bliss balls


Vegan, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Refined Sugar Free, Wheat Free


Delightful Desserts

Preparation & Total Time

10 minutes


  • 1 1/3 cup of adzuki bean paste (see recipe here)
  • 1/3 cup of dedicated coconut
  • 3 tbs coconut nectar
  • 4tbs coconut flour
  • 2/3 tsp maca powder
  • 1/3 cup of almond meal
  • 2 tbs unhulled tahini
  • 1/2 tsp stevia powder
  • sesame seeds (to roll in)

Equipment Required

  • 1 x measuring spoon
  • 1 x food processor
  • 1 x measuring cup
  • 1 x plate


  1. Make the Adzuki Red Bean Paste from the recipe above
  2. Place all of the ingredients into the food processor and whiz it up
  3. scoop out a tablespoon full of the mixture and roll into a ball
  4. Roll this into the sesame seeds and repeat to create the rest of your Bliss Balls. Bon Apetit!


  • For an extra crunch why not add in some cashew nuts
  • Store these in an airtight container in the frige for up to a week
  • Store these in an airtight container in the freezer for up to 3 weeks

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